JAZRAWI JUNIORS is a youth initiative led by Al Jazira Club to unite the younger generation through a shared love of sports, aimed at promoting community, health and well-being.

LEVEL UP with JAZRAWI JUNIORS takes fun and fitness to a whole new level by getting the online generation excited in a language that they understand. Kids watch weekly episodes and respond to weekly challenges to earn points and win prizes. It’s that simple!

Each episode takes viewers on a fast-paced journey through sport, where they meet pro athletes and kids like themselves who offer insights and demonstrations that inform and amaze.

A weekly fitness challenge asks kids to record and upload videos of themselves performing that week’s exercise, which can range from dribbling blindfolded to walking like a crab!

And in our weekly S.T.E.M. Sports Lab, our junior scientists offer fun and challenging experiments that kids can perform at home to make sure their brains receive an active workout, too!

All videos are hosted and uploaded on their personalized Jazrawi Juniors account, which automatically keeps track of achievement points and tracks each student’s progress against their peers.

LEVEL UP with JAZRAWI JUNIORS turns learning into fun and fitness into motivation!

Check our badge and points system below to learn how you can compete and win amazing prizes:

Jazrawi Juniors Points and Badges System

Action Points Badge
Register and complete profile 10 No badge
Complete and upload weekly Fitness Challenge and STEM Lab Experiment videos 25 Buddy
Fastest to upload weekly videos (first 10 in School) 25 No badge
Complete all 3 football Fitness Challenges 50 Football crazy
Complete all 3 triathlon Fitness Challenges 50 Triple Threat
Complete all 3 water STEM Lab Experiments 50 Aqua Nerd
Complete all 3 egg STEM Lab Experiments 50 Egghead
Complete 5 Fitness Challenges 50 Athlete
Complete 10 Fitness Challenges 100 Pro Player
Complete ALL Fitness Challenges 250 Superstar
Complete 5 STEM Lab Experiments 50 Big Brain
Complete 10 STEM Lab Experiments 100 Professor
Complete ALL STEM Lab Experiments 250 Genius
Weekly Top Video (chosen by admins) 100 Best Video
Complete ALL Fitness Challenges and STEM Lab Experiments 500 Jazrawi Master

Weekly/Monthly Prizes Awarded for:

  • Weekly Top Video (1 prize awarded among all schools, chosen by administration x 22 weeks)
  • Monthly Leaderboard Leader (1 prize for Junior Leader (6-9), 1 prize for Senior Leader (10-13) for each school)

Final Prizes Awarded for:

  • Top in School (1 junior prize and 1 senior prize per school)
  • Grand Prize (1 junior prize and 1 senior prize for top overall score, or chosen at random among qualifiers in the event of a tie)